MLT: kaartentafel en bilbliotheek

Ontwerp: Barbara Sloots en Joeke Nelissen. 

MLT kaartentafel en bilbliotheek

MLT was founded by Erik-Jan de Rooij  a free and authentic force with profound experiences in nature, travel, top sports and anthropology. He is passionate about the consciousness that arises from the dynamics between stillness and motion. Inspired by exceptional journeys and the changes they facilitate within one?s self, Erik-Jan created the concept behind MLT in 1996. 

Van 2005-01-03  (in 2007 is het bedrijf MLT verkocht)

Freelancer: Volkert Post (kaarttafel), Wouter de Baat en Otto van Limburg Stirum (frame kaarttafel), Gunnar Bech. Plaatsen m.b.v. Frits Ham, Meindert Meindertsma, Jochem Klarenbeek.