Skor: Resis­tance is Futile

Ontwerp:  Warren Neidich 

A neon installation by Warren Neidich on the roof of De Inkijk.Two neon signs are superimposed one upon the other. One in green says "Resistance is Fertile", while another one in red says "Resis­tance is Futile". When one sign is lit, the other statement is quiescent.In correspondence with the traffic lights down the road, the message jumps between action and passivity, between motion and standstill, hope and disbelieve. It is a gesture of double-mindedness and hesitation between two opposites, while there’s no middle course. 

9 februari 2012 - 1 mei 2012 

Located along a busy street in Amsterdam (Stadhouderskade), the work involves passers-by, cyclists and chauffeurs into a public negotiation that may seem political and topical, yet as significantly applies to a variety of situations we encounter in our daily private lives. At the same time the work functions as an ironic slogan in the midst of other lit textual signs and marquees aiming at selling goods and communicating political and social gestures.

Freelancers: Wouter de Baat, Gunnar Bech, Hans Jansen, Pietro Pinto