presentation to european council

Ontwerp: XML ism Jurgen Bey

bouw en plaatsing van de waterbar in het europees parlement.

The Presidency of the European Union changes twice a year between EU member states. During this half year, the standing EU President decorates a number of spaces in the building of the European Council: the Justus Lipsius. The typical approach to these decorations or interventions is ‘nation branding’. Thus, the type of furniture and exhibitions in the atrium, foyer and presidential meeting rooms in the building changes in nationality twice a year. Accordingly, the interior of the building of the European Council is an consecutive celebration of specific national identities.


The focus on national identities actually keeps Europe itself out of view. In contrast, this project aims to look at Europe. As Dutch designers, we want to use our design sensibilities in service of creating a series of interventions that focus on Europe, instead of on Dutch national identity or branding. The proposed interventions aim to connect the inner world of the Council to the people of Europe, to European cities, European food, European languages, images and to the European richness of ideas and creativity.

This project aims to make Europe actually visible, in all its diversity. It does so by proposing four interventions - in different shades of blue - that each in their own way connect the interior of the Justus Lipsius with the Europe that lies beyond the walls of the building.

uitvoering: Frits, Volkert, Hans