New World Summit

Ontwerp: Paul Kuiper

voorbereiding in werkplaats van houten constructie elementen. bouw op lokatie.

The New World Summit is an artistic and political organization founded by visual artist Jonas Staal in 2012, dedicated to providing “alternative parliaments” hosting organizations that currently find themselves excluded from democracy. New World Summit opposes the misuse of the concept of democracy for expansionist, military and colonial gains to which the organization refers as “democratism.” The most recent excess of democratism has taken the form of the so-called War Against Terror. In opposition to democratism the New World Summit explores the field of art as a space to re-imagine and act upon a fundamental practice of democracy.


presentation to european council

Ontwerp: XML ism Jurgen Bey

bouw en plaatsing van de waterbar in het europees parlement.

The Presidency of the European Union changes twice a year between EU member states. During this half year, the standing EU President decorates a number of spaces in the building of the European Council: the Justus Lipsius. The typical approach to these decorations or interventions is ‘nation branding’. Thus, the type of furniture and exhibitions in the atrium, foyer and presidential meeting rooms in the building changes in nationality twice a year. Accordingly, the interior of the building of the European Council is an consecutive celebration of specific national identities.